Edelbrock 2116 Performer Series Intake Manifold

Edelbrock 2116 Performer Series Intake Manifold
SKU: EBK2116

More power for your Vortec ride! Dual-plane Performer Vortec intake manifolds are based on Edelbrock's very popular Performer series. If you're looking for a dual plane, low rise intake manifold the Edelbrock Performer line is for you. Performers have a patented runner design and 180 degree firing order that you won't find in any other manifold. This combination boosts torque over a wide rpm range, from off- idle all the way up to 5,500 rpm. These manifolds also deliver improved throttle response over stock intakes and are available in both EGR and non-EGR styles. They accept late-model choke, water neck, alternator, and air conditioning brackets and have provisions for oil filler tube. Many are 50-state street legal.

• No provision for exhaust heated choke or exhaust crossover
• Will not fit under stock Corvette hood
• Accepts both square-bore and spread-bore carbs
• Natural finish

Application: Fits 1996 and later Chevrolet 262-400 V8s with later Vortec (L31) cast iron or Edelbrock E-Tec aluminum heads!

Price: $211.14